1080p CGI Commands

Control your camera directly by using HTTP commands

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Complete CGI List

List of the most needed CGI commands

Both ways to authenticate are valid - e.g. for user = admin and password = instar:

  • http://admin:instar@IP ...
  • ... ?usr=admin&pwd=instar

Both are used interchangeable in this documentation!

Video & Snapshot

  • rtsp://admin:instar@IP-Address:RTSP-Port/11
    VLC Stream (High Resolution)

  • rtsp://admin:instar@IP-Address:RTSP-Port/12
    VLC Stream (Medium Resolution)

  • rtsp://admin:instar@IP-Address:RTSP-Port/13
    VLC Stream (Low Resolution)

  • http://IP-Address:Port/tmpfs/snap.jpg?usr=admin&pwd=instar
    Snapshot (1080p)

  • http://IP-Address:Port/tmpfs/auto.jpg?usr=admin&pwd=instar
    Snapshot (320p)

  • http://IP-Address:Port/tmpfs/auto2.jpg?usr=admin&pwd=instar
    Snapshot (160p)

  • http://IP-Address:Port/mjpegstream.cgi?-chn=11&-usr=admin&-pwd=instar
    MJPEG Stream 11

  • http://IP-Address:Port/mjpegstream.cgi?-chn=12&-usr=admin&-pwd=instar
    MJPEG Stream 12

  • http://IP-Address:Port/mjpegstream.cgi?-chn=13&-usr=admin&-pwd=instar
    MJPEG Stream 13

Pan & Tilt

  • http://IP-Address:Port/ptzctrl.cgi?-step=&-act=up
    Move Up

  • http://IP-Address:Port/ptzctrl.cgi?-step=&-act=right
    Move Right

  • http://IP-Address:Port/ptzctrl.cgi?-step=&-act=down
    Move Down

  • http://IP-Address:Port/ptzctrl.cgi?-step=&-act=left
    Move Left

  • http://IP-Address:Port/ptzctrl.cgi?-step=&-act=stop

  • http://IP-Address:Port/param.cgi?cmd=preset&-act=set&-status=1&-number=0
    Set current position to saved position 1

  • http://IP-Address:Port/param.cgi?cmd=preset&-act=set&-status=1&-number=1
    Set current position to saved position 2

  • http://IP-Address:Port/param.cgi?cmd=preset&-act=goto&-number=0
    Go to saved position 1

  • http://IP-Address:Port/param.cgi?cmd=ptzctrl&-step=0&-act=hscan
    Start horizontal scan

  • http://IP-Address:Port/param.cgi?cmd=ptzctrl&-step=0&-act=vscan
    Start vertical scan

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