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The System Menu :: PTZ


Function Set Pan&Tilt Settings
Authority admin
Parameter var panspeed: [fast (0) - slow (2)]
var tiltspeed: [fast (0) - slow (2)]
var panscan: [1-50] - Number of hscans
var tiltscan: [1-50] - Number of vscans
var movehome: [on, off] - Go to Center or Postion [initpresetindex] after Restart
var ptzalarmmask: [on, off] - Deactivate Motion Detection during Pan&Tilt
var selfdet: [on, off] - De/Activate Calibration (Required for Preset Postions and PTZ Tour)
var alarmpresetindex: [1-8]; - Alarmposition
var initpresetindex: [1-8]; - Position after Restart
Example GET: http://admin:instar@


Function Set Pan&Tilt Settings
Authority admin
Parameter var timerpreset_enable [1, 0]; Enable/Disable Parking Position
var timerpreset_interval [15 - 900]s Wait before going back to Parking Position
var timerpreset_index [1undefined - 8undefined] Assign Parking Position from saved Positions
Example GET: http://admin:instar@


Function Activate/Deactivate Alarmposition
Authority admin
Parameter switch: [on, off]
Remarks The alarmposition is set by the variable alarmpresetindex (see above). When activated, the PTZ Tour has to be deactivated!
Example GET: http://admin:instar@


Function Switch One-Step and Continuous Pan&Tilt
Authority admin
Parameter value: [0, 1]
Example GET: http://admin:instar@