INSTAR 720p IP Camera CGI Application Guide

IP Camera CGI Introduction

CGI listed in this file which is provided for your INSTAR IP camera, is an interface based on the HTTP protocol and the client application (e.g. a webpage in your web browsers or other applications). You can make various operations on the device by this set of CGI commands.

  • CGI authentication: to access below CGI commands you need to authenticate your user level. Different CGI commands need different authority: visitor, operator or admin. The authentication is handled over the http protocol by attaching the user name and password directly to the CGI parameter. Example:

  • All the CGI commands support GET and POST operation - except upgrade.cgi and restore.cgi, which can only be used in a POST operation.

    GET Example:

    <form name="form2" method="get" action="cgi-bin/hi3510/cleanlog.cgi">
    <input name="cururl" type="hidden">
    <input name="name" type="hidden" value="access"></form>

    POST Example:

    <form name="form5" method="post" target="retframe" enctype="multipart/form-data"action="cgi-bin/hi3510/upgrade.cgi" onSubmit="return upgrade()">
    <td colspan="3"> <input type="file" name="setting_file"> <input type="submit" value=" submit"></form>
  • CGI Return: Depending on the returned info, the returns can be divided into two cases:

    • GET CGI of device status and parameter, if successful,will return plain txt which includes the device status or parameter. The format is specified as javascript and every status or parameter as a variable:

      var bps_1="2048";
      var fps_1="25";
      var gop_1="50";
      var brmode_1="1";
      var imagegrade_1="1";
      var width_1="704";
      var height_1="576";

      if the GET fails, it will return:“[Error]GET video attribution error! errcode is 0xa10e6008”.
    • Set device parameter will return plain txt including the result of the operation. If successful, the return will be HTTP/1.0 200 OK. If the operation fails an error message will be returned, like: [Error][Data-Length:91] unrecognized or incomplete command line..
  • CGI commands can be typed into your web browsers address line directly for testing:

CGI Overview

The Web User Interface

The Web User Interface

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