720p CGI Commands - Get Video Encoder Attribute

Video & Audio :: Get Video Encoder Attribute


FunctionGet device video encode parameter
Authorityadmin, user and guest
Syntax/cgi-bin/hi3510/getvencattr.cgi [?-chn=]
Parameterchn: 11: 1st stream | 12: 2nd stream | 13:3rd stream
ReturnBitrate: bps_1, bps_2 or bps_3
Framerate: fps_1, fps_2 or fps_3
Keyframe Interval: gop_1, gop_2or gop_3
Video Encode Control: 0: fixed bit rate 1: changeable bit rate | brmode_1, brmode_2 or brmode_3
Video Encode Quality: imagegrade_1, imagegrade_2 or imagegrade_3
Video Width: width_1, width_2 or width_3
Video Height: height_1, height_2 or height_3
Suffix "_1" is the 1st stream parameters, the suffix "_2" is the 2nd stream parameters, the suffix "_3" is the 3rd stream parameters
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The Web User Interface

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