720p CGI Commands - Search Wireless

Network :: Search Wireless


FunctionSearch Wireless Access Point
Returnwaccess_points: Wireless Network Signals
wchannel: Channel
wrssi: Signal Strength
wessid: SSID
wenc: Encryption Mode
wauth: Authority Mode
wnet: Connection mode(router mode, point to point mode)
Note: If waccess_points >1 the CGI will return more values for each variable - Example:
var waccess_points="2";
var wchannel=new Array();
var wrssi=new Array();
var wessid=new Array();
var wenc=new Array();
var wauth=new Array();
var wnet=new Array();
wchannel[0]="6" ;
wrssi[0]="-82" ;
wessid[0]="My WiFi" ;
wenc[0]="AES" ;
wauth[0]="WPA(2)-PSK" ;
wnet[0]="Infra" ;
wchannel[1]="11" ;
wrssi[1]="-62" ;
wessid[1]="Linksys" ;
wenc[1]="TKIP" ;
wauth[1]="WPA(2)-PSK" ;
wnet[1]="Infra" ;
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The Web User Interface

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