720p CGI Commands - Set Video Attribute

Video & Audio :: Set Video Attribute


FunctionSet device video property
Syntax/cgi-bin/hi3510/param.cgi[?cmd= setvideoattr&-vinorm=]
Parametervinorm: P: 50Hz(PAL) | N: 60Hz(NTSC)
ReturnSuccess: Including Success | Failed: Including Error
CCD D1 models, PAL and NTSC can be recognized automatically, vinorm settings are valid.
1HD720P Resolution: 1280x720
1HDQ720P Resolution: 640x352
1HDQQ720P Resolution: 320x176
1HD720P_1HDQ720P_1HDQQ720P: 1st stream is 720P,2nd stream is Q720P,3rd stream is QQ720P
RemarksIt takes a long time to return. Device resolution is fixed, can’t be modify.
The Web User Interface

The Web User Interface

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