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Evocam ist a IP Surveillance Solution Software for MacOSX from the company . In order to integrate your INSTAR IP camera in Evocam we recommend you to download the latest version from .

Add a Camera

After you installed the newest version of Evocam please start the program, then open the preferences window.

Go to Preferences and click on Add Camera.

Now you can add cameras to the software by clicking on the + button and typing in their respective IP addresses. Please choose the Preset 1 for all VGA cameras. And Preset 3 for all HD camera models from INSTAR.

Now go back to the software main window, click on New Item - New Camera and choose the camera you created in the previous step.

Streaming Webserver

To activate the web server function, click the Streaming' button and check the input box. Create a user login and open the displayed Server Address in your default web browser. To access the web server from the internet, you can use the INSTAR DDNS address from your camera. Just point a Port Forwading rule to your computer´s IP address inside your local network (instead of forwarding a port for your camera). The local IP address is the address displayed in the "Address" field for the web server above. The default web server port in Evocam is 8080.

Activate the Web Server and test the server Address with your web browser.


Click on recording to activate and configure the Recording function.


Evocam gives you plenty of Action triggers to fully automate your Surveillance.

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