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SecuritySpy is a IP Surveillance Solution Software for MacOSX from the company . In order to integrate your INSTAR IP camera in SecuritySpy we recommend you to download the latest version from .

Add a Camera

After you installed the newest version of Evocam please start the program, then open the preferences window.

Go to Settings and open the Camera Settings.

Choose your camera model and type in your camera´s IP address, it's ports (default: 80 & 554) and your login. Click on Ok.

And Done - your surveillance is up & running.

Alarm Function

Click on Setup to configure your camera´s Motion Detection.

Select if you want to record your camera´s audio stream and if you want audio above a threshold to trigger an alert.

The alarm actions - like an email notification (see also Email notification setup - is configured in the tab Actions.


Use snapshots to create a Timelapse video. Or upload snapshots to an FTP server or your Router.

Configure the video recording function and the FTP Upload.

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